VOW (Video of the Week) The Piano - Amazing Animated Short


Few instruments have the mesmerizing power of the piano not only to entertain and create beautiful music, but also to tell a story.  If you're up for a tug on your heart strings, take a peak at this beautiful animated short about our favorite instrument: The Piano.

Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

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It's such a shame our friendship had to end...

Tonight the downtown lights are lit purple as so many in our hometown of Minneapolis, along with fans and music-lovers across the globe, mourn the sudden and unexpected death of Prince .

In honor of the world-changing music and legacy of one of the greatest artists, we wanted to remember one of the greatest televised performances of all time–-when Prince closed out the Super Bowl XLI Half-time show with "Purple Rain" in the midst of pouring rain...

Thank you, Prince, for your gift to music and the world. It's such a shame your time here had to end (so soon)...

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Rest In Peace, Prince.

Our VOW (Video of the Week): 20 Ways to Sing "Sorry" By Justin Bieber

Have you ever wondered what a Justin Bieber song would sound like performed by Hanson or Ja Rule? Well, now that you mention it...


If you're tired of hearing the "radio" version of "Sorry" by Justin Bieber, fear not:  at your next Rock It Man dueling piano show, just try requesting "Sorry" by Ja Rule or Limp Bizkit (or any of your favorite artists) and see what happens!


For our "Video of the Week", we wanted to share a 10-second rendition of the Bieb's biggest single since "Baby" maybe once or twice... and by once or twice we mean maybe twenty times... ;)


And "sorry", Nickelback-haters, but this includes the Nickelback version of Justin Bieber song... SPEAKING OF WHICH...


WOULD YOU RATHER wake up (after being drugged) only to be surrounded by:


• 10,000 screaming "Beliebers" at Justin's show, OR

• 10,000 leather-clad Canadian bikers at a Nickelback concert?

(SORRY – you must choose one!)



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What would Justin Bieber's biggest single sound like covered by Hanson, Michael Bolton, Ja Rule, and Milli Vanilli?? This video should give you a pretty good idea!