How to Konmari Your Wedding: OUT with the Trinkets & IN with the Experiences

Okay - I know I’m late to jump on the Konmari train, but to be fair, this has been on my mind to write about for months and I just haven’t gotten down to putting it out there. I can still use the “I’ve got a baby” excuse for a little longer, right? (lol - I’m really milking that, here I know!)

But I’ve really loved this movement towards simplicity and particularly: the Konmari idea of eliminating THINGS that just sit there and don’t bring us joy. And doing this frees us up for the joyful experiences of life because we spend less time dealing with our stuff (because there’s less of it to deal with) and less emotional energy feeling attached to things that are serving no purpose (either useful purpose which is a form of joy) or an emotional purpose of bringing some kind of beauty or hope into our lives.

So how do you take this idea and bring it into your wedding? Wedding Favors are one place where we feeling the need to bring things just the for the sake of having things. And no offense because we have received some really lovely wedding favors in the past, but I also remember as a bride racking my brain to try to think of something that would actually be enjoyable for people and not just take up space and I had a hard time coming up with options.

SO here’s an idea: WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT AS YOUR WEDDING FAVOR. Give your guests an EXPERIENCE! Would you rather have a magnet from Disney World or actually go to Disney World and ride Space Mountain? I know what I’d choose.

Our interactive, live solo shows leave people with a unique experience that they will treasure (and they don’t have to find a place in their home to store it!)

  1. Something for Everyone! We know that audiences are diverse - especially at weddings and we try to give a little something for everyone. Want to have us play your Aunt’s wedding song so she can dance with her beau? Done! Want us to bring up all the groomsmen and embarrass them by asking them to do an interpretive dance? Done! Want us to do a fight song battle between rival schools? We got you covered! Our goal is not just to play good music, but to create an experience and get people laughing, clapping, singing and dancing along and to leave them with memories they will love looking back at.

  2. Custom Songs - If there’s a song that’s really near and dear to your heart, let us know in advance and we can make that a top priority for you! We also love taking a song and infusing it with details about the bride & groom.

  3. No Clean Up! With typical wedding favors, you have to plan in time to put away all the leftover favors at the end of the night or to clean up the wrapping materials. With music - there’s nothing to clean up! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  4. Leave Your Guests with a Memorable Experience.  You don't go to Disney World just to spend the whole time in the gift shop.  You go so you can feel the wind in your hair on Space Mountain and so you can watch the glimmer in your child's eyes as they watch fireworks over the castle.  

If you’re ready to ditch the things and enjoy the wonderful experiences life has to offer, I think booking Dueling Pianos for your wedding is a good next step :)

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