What are you REALLY paying for?

We know that when you put down a deposit for one of our Dueling Piano Shows or Solo Piano Shows that it's no small thing to commit to.  We also know that it's easy to find a DJ or throw on an Ipod for less than you pay for live music.  And if every choice we made in life boiled down to the simple question of "what's cheaper?" we'd go out of business pretty quickly.  We try to keep our prices competitive, but we also know that we charge more than some of the other options out there.  But we believe firmly that it's well worth the investment and that you'll get back many times over what you put in.

So Why?  Why pick us?  Why chose live music?  And what are you REALLY paying for? 

  1. High Demand Entertainers. First and foremost, you're paying for quality entertainers.  There are only a few hundred musicians in North America who do what we do; whose repertoire spans dozens of genres and decades; and who can play thousands of songs at the drop of the hat.  This creates a show where we can provide high energy live music AND play song requests from the audience.  Each show is completely unique! Unlike most live bands, we don't have a set list, so we can customize each show to the preferences of the audience.  Because of the limited supply of these entertainers, and because of the unique skills required, we compensate our players competitively in order to retain high quality folks.
  2. Our Time.  We do what we can to really meet the needs of each of our clients from start to finish, often spending dozens of hours meeting in person, talking on the phone, working on timelines, connecting with their other vendors, and coordinating with our players.  We want to make sure we've covered every contingency and identified every detail because we know that these events are singular and will be remembered.  (And we'd like them to be remembered for the right reasons and not because we weren't on the ball) :)
  3. Travel costs.  Because we only work with the best of the best, we often have to fly players in.  We try to be mindful of keeping costs low and will often use air miles and open our home to house our players, but we also do provide hotels and reimburse other costs when needed.
  4. Equipment & Storage.  We do our best to keep our equipment in tip-top shape which means replacing things as we need to.  When we do a show, we include our baby grand stage pianos, a full range sound system, lighting for stage and dance floor, and a wireless microphone system.
  5. Vehicle Expenses.  Our custom baby grand stage pianos require a larger vehicle in order to transport, so we need to make sure we're keeping and maintaining vehicles large enough to do this.  We are proud that in the hundreds of shows we've put on, we've never once had to bail due to a vehicle or equipment issue.  We keep our bases covered so that our clients can feel sure that we'll come through for them.
  6. Liability Insurance.  We cover our events to cover the things you just don't think about (and may not want to think about) that could happen.  Better safe than sorry, we say!
  7. Business Expenses.  Anyone who has run a business understands the costs associated with keeping the lights on.  Marketing / Advertising, Taxes, Administrative, Permits / License, Office Space / Utilities

Hope that helps to shed some light on how this all shakes out.  We believe (and hundreds of satisfied clients confirm) that putting in a little more for high quality entertainment, in order to create an event that leaves a lasting impression, is well worth it!


Jon LiComment