Dueling Piano Rule Book

Imagine this: it's a Friday night and you and your friends say "Let's go out to see some Dueling Pianos?!" So you go along, not knowing quite what to expect.  But you get there and there are request slips and everyone else seems to know what they're doing.  Whenever you head out somewhere, it's nice to know what to expect, so here are a few of our Dueling Piano "Rules of the Game"

1. Drink.  Sing.  Have fun!
If nothing else, sit back and watch - have a drink and sing along to your favorite songs.

2. Request your favorite songs / artists
Any show should have some song request floating around.  Or you can go old school and just write on a napkin.  Write down a song you love - or artist - or genre - or decade. Pop it up on top of the piano where the pianist can see it.

3. Requests with the highest tips are given priority
Song requests without a tip are considered "Suggestions", and will be played only if no other song requests are submitted.  The general rule is, the higher the tip - the sooner it gets played.  of course you're welcome to submit suggestions as often as you want, but just know the rules of the game and that money speaks in the piano bar.

4. Stop songs you hate by out-tipping that song
This can get interesting, especially if it starts an all-out back-and-forth battle.  But if you're sick of a song, all you have to do is out-tip it to get the pianist to "STOP THAT SONG!"  Throughout the show, our pianists will let you know "we got $5 for this one" so that you know that $6 will stop it.   

5. If you’d like us to bring someone up on stage for some special attention, write down their name (+ $20 suggested minimum) and we’ll put ‘em in the spotlight.
We LOVE our call-downs.  It's a great chance to really get people involved and embarass them a little.  So if you came out to the bar for someone's bday or anniversary or just want to give them a little attention, don't hesitate to write down their name and have us call them up on stage!


Hope this gives you a helpful reference point the next time you go out to see Dueling Pianos!  And as always, keep the song requests coming and rock on!

Jon LiComment