Why we love Dueling Pianos for Winter Weddings


Dueling Pianos provides stellar entertainment for any wedding, but winter weddings have a way of bringing everyone together as we huddle together to brave the cold.

  1. Be unique!  Winter weddings bring their own unique touch and allow you to branch off from the more typical summer or fall trends.  Dueling Pianos is a great way to do the same thing with your music and entertainment.  We build each show based on the song requests that people want to hear and we'll be the event that people can't stop talking about!
  2. STAY WARM!  Nothing warms you up faster than moving, clapping & dancing (with a little liquor in you), so be sure to grab a drink & hit the dance floor!
  3. Commiserate about the ice and snow - Find your tribe and commiserate together about the ice, snow & general cold weather because especially in Minnesota, we're pros at complaining about the weather!
Jon LiComment