Wedding Partner of the Month: Dream Day Dressing Rooms

We love finding people who are doing new and fun things in the world of weddings and are super excited to share our wedding partner of the month: Dream Day Dressing Rooms!   They can come and create an entire GORGEOUS dressing room from the ground up no matter where your venue is!  

Reasons why we love them!

  1. COMFORT!  No one really talks about it, but your wedding day *can* come with it's whole set of discomforts - the overwhelm of seeing so many people all at once, the heaviest dress you've ever worn weighing down on you & your unforgettable shoes (mostly unforgettable because of how uncomfortable they are) and all the work that goes into making the day happen.  So to have a place where you can retreat to rest and catch your breath is really a gift.
  2. Space - Some venues may provide a dressing room - but only one, so the guys end up in a hallway somewhere.  Or maybe your venue doesn't even have space and you end up stuck in a bathroom getting ready.  Now you can not only have a beautiful space designed just for the ladies, but the guys can have their own space too!  
  3. Options - If it's important to you to have a nice place to get ready before your wedding, you might be more limited with your venue options.  How tragic to find your perfect venue - except for the dressing room!  But now you can broaden your search to find the venue that really speaks to you and exemplifies what you want your wedding to say WHILE still having a beautiful and relaxing place to get ready.

I'm a little bummed I didn't know about these guys when we got married, but check them out & keep them on your list because it's SO worth it!

Dream Day Dressing Rooms
1521 93rd Lane Suite 2 Blaine MN 55449


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