Baby Parodies Inspired by Our Sweet Selah

It's hard to believe that our sweet tiny baby is now 1 year old!  She has inspired so much joy and love, but also - all the songs we now sing because this girl entered our life!  We just had to share some of our favorite baby song parodies!

  1. "Oh Won't You Sleep... Just a Little bit longer"  (Originally "Oh won't you Stay a Little Bit Longer" by Jackson Browne)

    Oh won't you sleep, just a little bit longer
    Just a little bit more
    Won't you place your sweet head on your pillow
    And stay there for an hour or two
    Please let me hear you say that you will!

  2. "This Girl is so Tired" ("This Girl is on Fire" by Alicia Keys)
    This girl is so tired
    This girl is so tired
    She's just so damn tired!
  3. And my favorite from Ed Seheran's "Shape of You"
    "Last year you were in my womb
    And now my bed sheets smell like poo"


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