Halloween Costume Ideas: Giants of the Music Industry

Looking for some ideas for Halloween Costumes?  Why not replicate one of these great musical icons!


David Bowie

Great tutorial from Marie Claire!

download (3).jpg

Lady Gaga

The options are practically unlimited when it comes to Lady Gaga inspirations, so chances are good you have something you can work with at home!  Just ask The Pinterest!




Bruno Mars

If you want something simple & easy, this is it!  Black pants, colorful jacket, some bling,  sunglasses and a fedora and you're good to go.  Check out this kid with the swagger to match!



Dolly Parton

Grab your high-waisted jeans, a flannel shirt tied in the front (with a little extra stuffed for good measure - lol), a great blonde wig, hoop earrings and some boots and you're good to go.  Accessorize with a guitar and work on that quintissential Dolly voice and you're good to go!


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