Dueling Pianos for your next fundraiser!

One of then most gratifying types of events we get to perform for are fundraisers and we love being able to help organizations raise money for a good cause.


Here are  a few ways that Dueling Pianos can help your organization raise funds 


Leveraging Tips:  if you've been to a Dueling show you know that tips are an integral part of the show and help to keep the momentum going.  From school song battles, gender wars or the ability to STOP THAT SONG, cash speaks and is a driving part of the show.  When you book a fundraiser with Rock It Man, we can work with you to use tipping to support your cause.


A high-energy, request-driven show is also a great way to draw a crowd to your event. It's more than just a musical performance; we aim to create a memorable experience for everyone.  Additionally, we are often asked by people when they can come see us play live and while we would never invite someone to crash a private party, welcoming them to your fundraiser is a great win /win!  The more the merrier.


Finally, because of the great work that so many non-profits do, we love to try to make our Dueling and Solo piano shows an affordable option.  Ask about our non profit discount!


We'd love to touch base so feel free to reach out through our website or via phone - 651-214-2197

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