Wedding Partner of the Month: Jenny Bedard Photography

We've had the joy of being photographed by Jenny Bedard Photography a number of times and have always been thrilled with her work.  Here are a few reasons why we LOVE what she does!

  1. Unique - Jenny really avoids a cookie cutter approach that is common with a lot of studio photographers.  Every shoot is completely different and is really a work of art.  She is a true artist in and out and takes pride in creating something new and beautiful every time she points her camera. 
  2. Personalized - While taking photos, she really does an amazing job of capturing the unique essence of the individual or families she's working with.  She'll find subtle ways to highlight elements of someone's personality that really bring them to life.   
  3. Exquisite -  Finally, the quality of Jenny's work can't be understated!  She has such an amazing eye for detail and how to bring an unparalleled level of beauty to everything she does.  

All in all - it's hard to overstate just how much we love Jenny's photography.  Get in touch with her today to book a session!  
Phone (651) 283-0542

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