What Is Dueling Pianos?

We come across a number of people who know they want live music for their upcoming event - be it their wedding or corporate party or fundraiser.  Some even know off the bat that live pianos sounds perfect, but not everyone is familiar with the dueling pianos concept.

  1. Two Pianos with two pianists playing and singing face to face.  Each musician will go back and forth and take turns playing a song while the partner will fill in with some piano accompaniment, maybe some harmonies or take the lead getting the audience involved.
  2. Request-Driven.  Each musician comes to the table knowing thousands of songs from dozens of genres and decades so that when you make a request they can jump right on it.  However, the performers also try to "read the room" to make sure that what they're playing really resonates with people.  For this reason, if they got 5 requests for slow songs at the same time, they'd space those out and mingle in some upbeat songs to keep people dancing.
  3. Interactive.  One of the best parts of a dueling show is getting everyone involved - singing, clapping, dancing and laughing along.  A show might include some call-downs where an individual or group of people are brought on stage to be serenaded.  At weddings, it's fun to bring up the wedding party or bride and groom to tease them a little with a song (of course if they're on board with it) :)

Be sure to check out dueling pianos the next chance you have - it really makes for an unforgettable experience!

Jon LiComment