Wedding Partner of the Month: Diamond Formalwear

We first met the folks at Diamond Formalwear (aka Diamond Bride and Tux) at the Twin Cities Wedding Fair and while we were taking requests at our booth, they had fun dancing and singing along with us.  Here are few reasons why we love Diamond Formalwear.


  1. Family Owned and Operated - It's always fun to meet another Mom 'n Pop shop like ourselves and to know that when you choose them, you're supporting a local small business rather than a multi-national corporation.  Infusing funds back into our local community is definitely something to be proud of!
  2. Superb Service - Anyone can say they provide quality customer service, but there's a comfort level with these guys that is really unparalleled.  It's easy to feel like their top priority and to know that because they are focused here locally, they are able to provide a great deal of one-on-one attention.
  3. All the extras!  It's fun to see the specials that Diamond Tux is often running, so make sure to check out some great options.  And right now if you like them on Facebook you can receive exclusive online promotions.
Jon LiComment