Great Summer Spots for Dueling Pianos

After some time traveling on the West Coast, I have to say, MN summers are tough to beat.  I love a delicious summer rain, a relaxing day at the lake, and then a great spot with some live music.  We've had some fun bringing dueling pianos to the great outdoors and it's definitely worth considering.  Here are some fun ways to incorporate live piano entertainment into your summer routine.



  1. I'm on a Boat - what better place to have a sing-along party than on a boat!  With our portable baby-grand stage pianos, we can bring the music right to you.  If space is an issue, we can always do a solo piano show or even a live guitar show instead with the same request-driven, sing-alone element of dueling pianos.
  2. Patio - If you're having a house party, liven it up with some live music!  It's always a hit to have a live entertainer who can play anyone's requests!  
  3. Park - we love to grill out at the great parks near us and music is always part of the fun!  

What's your favorite summer spot?

Jon LiComment