Unique Wedding Ideas To Make Your Day Stand Out

Looking for creative and unforgettable ideas for your wedding that will really stand out?  Here are just a few to get the creative juices flowing.

1) Find fun alternatives to typical entertainment like Dueling Pianos!  Our request-driven shows will provide your guests with anything they want to hear.  Our repertoire includes thousands of songs across every decade and genre and we will customize our show to fit exactly what you want to hear.  Our guests rave about our engaging, sing-along, all-request piano shows.


2) Consider the Transitions - Of course you've already thought about where guests will sit during your ceremony and reception, but you may want to consider the transition points - before the ceremony or during the cocktail hour and create a unique space for people to hang out.  You could bring in couches and create a lounge atmosphere or if you're into board games, it could be fun to set up tables with some of your favorite games to help people pass the time.  If you're doing an outdoor wedding, print out maps for walking trails or gardens nearby that people can enjoy.  


3) Put your own stamp on everything - literally!  You can design your own logo that brings to life symbols that carry special meaning for you and include this design on all printed materials - place settings, table numbers, napkins, etc.



4) Go Above and Beyond with Food and Drinks - a late-night snack or personalized cocktails will stand out and add a little extra pizzaz to your wedding.  And keeping your guests well "hydrated" always helps to keep the party going!


5) Social Media Integration - Create your own hashtag and encourage people to use it throughout the night to link everything back.  You could even incorporate a ceremonial Facebook status change into the reception to make it official right then and there!  


Whatever you do, we hope you feel the freedom to make your wedding a unique expression of you!  We love it whenever we can be a part of a day filled with so much love and joy!

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Jon LiComment