We Can't Thank You Enough, Moms

It's hard to imagine a world without mothers and all that they sacrifice for their children.  No love quite compares to the ever-reaching, all-encompassing love of a Mom.  And we could say thank you for days to our Moms for all they've done for us - Becki Warnock and Tzong-Huei Li - you are more amazing than you know!

Turns out, we're not the only ones who share this sentiment about our Moms.  We thought it'd be fun to share what the coaches from "The Voice" have to say as well!


Adam Levine at the People's Choice Awards "Thank you mom and dad for making me.  That was cool."


Gwen Stefani on The Ellen Show talks about the craziness that is motherhood

"Everybody knows that 4-8 at night is like chaos. It's like the crazy time in our house. The other day we were driving home and I was thinking, 'Ok Motel 6. If I can just find one and go there and disappear – disappear from my life.' But no, they're incredible." 


Usher on becoming a father "Tameka's given me one of the greatest gifts I'll ever have. With a child, now I have a purpose. I understand love. I understand how my mother loves me the way she does." 


And Blake Shelton may or may not have been referring to his mother in this song, but I'd like to think it fits pretty well :)

"God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt"


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