Wedding Partner of the Month: Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior


Here are a few reasons why we love this Lutsen Resort!

  • Gorgeous spot right on the lake - it's hard to beat this view overlooking the scenic and breathtakingLake Superior.  Sit and relax while you watch the wild and untamed beauty around you.
  • Combine an amazing vacation with an amazing wedding day!    Because weddings are already so full and tough to plan, we love the idea of simplifying where ever you can.  One way to do this is to book your honeymoon in the same place as your wedding.  This cuts down on travel costs, waiting in line and of course travel time making your entire experience from wedding ceremony til the end of your honeymoon a seamless and relaxing experience.
  • Beautiful any time of year.  Winter wedding, fall themed day or a bright spring or summer nuptial celebration - Lutsen will not disappoint - Year round beauty that is unparalleled in Minnesota.
Jon LiComment