Not all requests are created equal

One of the most exciting and unique things about our shows is that we build our shows around your song requests.  It sets apart from what you can get with a DJ or live band.  Our entertainers know thousands of songs across dozens of genres and decades and aim to play exactly what you want to hear.


But one question we sometimes get from people planning their event is "Are there cases where you wouldn't play someone's request?"  So here are a few tricks of the trade for how we put on a fantastic show regardless of the requests.

  1. We keep things upbeat to keep the party going.  If we get 10 requests in a row for slow songs, we're not going to just play them as is.  We'll try to intersperse them throughout the night or we may do an upbeat remix of a slow song so that someone can hear the song they want, but it doesn't bog down the night.
  2. We of course will honor any "Do Not Play" list from a Bride, Groom or Event Host.  So if you're attending an event and we don't play your request, it's possible it was on the "Do Not Play" list.  At the end of the day, we want to be sure that our clients are happy with the event and that includes having the ultimate veto power.
  3. Obscure songs that people might not know.  I've got obscure tastes and love to whip out some Broadway or Bad Plus, but not everyone will get a kick out of a Free Jazz piece, so we have to think about what will be enjoyable for the vast majority of people.  If things die down and there are just a few people left who want a Hymn sing, we'll go for it, but for the most part, we'll keep things familiar for people and play songs that other people can sing along and get into.


Hope that helps to shed a little light.  We are more than just a juke box that will spit out what you put in.  We think thoughtfully about how to craft a show that will be engaging and enjoyable for everyone while playing the requests as they come in.  


Jon LiComment