Wedding Partner of the Month: The Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen


If you live in the Twin Cities, you may be familiar with the outstanding farm-to-table food and farmhouse chic atmosphere of the The Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen.  Or maybe you've seen them highlighted in the hit show Restaurant Startup or their spotlight in The Minnesota Monthly.   And while you might be familiar with The Copper Hen, the restaurant, we'd love to highlight this fantastic space as a wedding venue as well!  They've put on some gorgeous weddings and here are few reasons why we love The Copper Hen!

  1.   Unique and GORGEOUS space!  You can really make your wedding day stand out by creating lasting memories in such a beautifully designed venue.  From the exposed brick to the fresh flowers on each table, every detail has been carefully designed and hand-crafted.
  2.  Convenient Location in South Minneapolis where you can host both your ceremony & reception.  I'm always partial to locations that work well to d o both because that saves time and energy coordinating and traveling between venues.  
  3. Unbelievable artisanal food, craft cocktails, and of course their specialty cakes & desserts.  The pictures speak for themselves!


Not only can they provide a wide selection of delicious breakfast treats, beverages or full meals, they are also an amazing venue to book for an event!

Find out more about how to book them on their website!



Jon LiComment