3 Ways the Piano Bar Beats This Election

Maybe it's just me, but I think I'm ready for this election to be over.   How about when this is over we all settle our differences over a pint or a shot at your local piano bar?  Here are a few ways that I think a night at the piano bar beats the election.

  1.  You can make your voice heard!   For the sake of social responsibility it's always good to vote.  But after you go vote, you can submit your piano bar vote, so to speak with a Song Request!  But it's even better because 
  2. Money speaks!  Money speaks on the campaign trail for sure, but by upping the ante at the piano bar you can STOP THAT SONG!  
  3. Getting tipsy :)  In politics, people get drunk on power, but come to the Piano Bar and get your drink on with the beverage of your choice.

Not to disparage our politics, but just sayin' that you can have your martini and drink it too.  Bottoms up!



Jon LiComment