Solo Piano vs. Dueling Piano Shows

People often ask us about the difference between our Solo and Dueling Piano Shows and here's what we usually say.  Both types of shows are high energy, interactive, request-driven, live piano shows.  We always aim to get people dancing, singing, clapping and laughing along as we take your song requests.

Advantages of Solo Shows

  • Great for a smaller, more intimate setting
  • More conducive for a low key, relaxed show although we also do high energy solo shows- depending on what you're looking for
  • Great for budget conscious folks 


Advantages of Dueling Shows

  • Added comedic element of banter between the two performers
  • Familiarity of the Dueling Pianos format.  If you're trying to draw a crowd for your venue or get your wedding guests excited for the reception entertainment, Dueling Pianos is more easily recognized and can pull people in a little more quickly.
  • Greater variety for requests.  All our players can field thousands of song requests, but by adding a player, it broadens the ground we can cover especially since we try to be conscious of how we pair players for our Dueling Shows - pairing those who can cover the newer songs with our more experienced players who can cover the classics

But really, it's hard to go wrong with either, so let us know what we can do to customize a perfect package for you!


Jon LiComment