A Day in the Life of a "Rock It Man" (traveling dueling piano entertainer)

9:00 AM - After a full 4 hours of sleep, wake up to the beautiful sound of my [generic] ringtone

9:30 AM - Attempt to go back to sleep; instead, catch up on emails and return phone calls from booking agents and prospective clients

10:00 AM - Once again attempt to go back to sleep; more emails

11:00 AM - Actually go back to sleep

11:15 AM - Wake up and pack way too much stuff for three nights on the road

11:45 AM - Order lunch (To Go) from Noodles & Company

12:00 PM - Load up the car

12:30 PM - Hit the Road; pick up lunch to go; rock out to the tunes of Anberlin, Ben Folds Five, and Led Zeppelin

4:00 PM - Make the one and only "pit stop" after holding it for too long, fill up on the gas tank

6:00 PM - Check in at hotel

6:30 PM - Skype with the wife at home, who's just winding down for bed

7:00 PM - Go to performance venue, sound check

7:30 PM - Order a ton of food, eat a few bites, box up a ton of leftovers (minus a few bites)

8:30 PM - Start the show; open with something like "Tiny Dancer", "Dock of the Bay", or in tonight's case, the theme song from "Cheers"

1:30 AM - Finish performing the final song of the night, often times "Piano Man", "Don't Stop Believing", or on nights like tonight, "Closing Time"

2:00 AM - Get back to the hotel; heat up leftovers

2:30 AM - waste time on Facebook, YouTube (Epic Rap Battles of History, Bad Lip Readings, etc.)

3:00 AM - Respond to emails and check voicemails while eating leftovers from dinner (which are now cold since they were heated up an hour ago)

3:30 AM - Attempt to sleep; instead, more Facebook & YouTube (Sad Cat Diaries, True Facts, etc.)

4:00 AM - Update website, satisfy the "munchies" with a healthy dose of potato chips & peanuts

4:30 AM - Realize that there hasn't been a new blog post in over a couple weeks; attempt to write a blog post

4:45 AM - Publish blog post

5:00 AM - Wind down to some Scripture Lullabies

5:30 AM - Hopefully begin the recharging process known as "sleep" (fingers crossed)


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